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Every investment is subject to market risk and any investment made by the client can also run into losses and even become zero.

For Quick Services Give A Missed Call On 9755712345

For Quick Services Give A Missed Call On 9755712345

Risk Profile

Less than 2 lakh2-5 lakhMore than 5 lakh

Less than 2 lakh2-5 lakhMore than 5 lakh

Part-I Time Horizon & Investment Objective

Under 3030-4040-5050-6060+

Private Sector EmployeeGovernment/PSU EmployeeServices provider/ Own-BusinessStudent/House wife

Less than 1 YearBetween 1 and 3 YearsBetween 3 and 5 YearsGreater than 5 Years

I want some risk free incomeI want my capital appreciationI want Wealth creation with regular incomeI seek high return from the market

Part-II Investment Experience

I have no previous investment experienceI have no interest in investment and I have always paid someone else to manage my financial affairs for meI understand the principal of investment well but cannot afford the time needed to manage my own affairs effectivelyI have a very proactive interest in managing my own financial affairs


I have not previously managed any of my own investmentLess than 2 yearsGreater than 5 YearsGreater than 10 Years

Not secureSomewhat secureFairly secureVery secure

NegativeBelow averageAverageAbove average

Part-III Risk capacity or tolerance

Less than 15%Between 15 and 30%Between 30 and 45%Greater than 45%


Investment Portfolio- AInvestment Portfolio- BInvestment Portfolio- CInvestment Portfolio- D

Investment Portfolio A B C D
Highest Gain 30,000 41,000 53,200 62,600
Highest Loss -4,800 -12,800 -22,000 -29,200

Sell immediately and steer clear of investment with any risk to capital in the futureSell if you suffered a further 10% loss and look to buy in cheaperHold on to your investment regardless of short-term fluctuation as you are invested for a long-term objective

Sell all of the remaining investmentSell a portion of the remaining investmentHold your investment and sell nothing, expecting conditions to improve.Investment more funds.


None0%-20%20%-35%50% & Above

Your Total Score Profile Asset Allocation
22 Balanced 40% Equity – 60 % Debt


What we Offer
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What we Offer

NetWorth Research  & Investment Advisor is Giving Varieties of Trading Tips depending Upon Technical Set-Up & Chart Patterns, Market Sentiments, Trading Environment with Sole Objective of Maximizing Returns. YOU must Control while Trading – Ignorance, Greed, Hope and Fear
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